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Did Someone Say Party?

by The Sandbox Staff | July 13 2017

It’s hard to believe our country is so grown up. We hope you had a great time marking Canada’s milestone birthday earlier this month—the big 1-5-0!—and, if you’re anything like us, you may have chosen to keep the party going all month long! You only celebrate 150 once, right?! Workplace wellness is kind of like a party in its own right. It even has the same makings of a great event: prep, anticipation, the event itself and clean-up.

The Prep

Like any event worth attending, there’s lots of prep work that goes into building a healthy workplace—it doesn’t just happen on its own. The Sandbox offers a ton of great resources to get your workplace wellness party started:

  • Resources from the very first step of the SCHOOL process offer ideas on how to initiate a workplace wellness plan.
  • The Path to Workplace Wellness is a great blog about getting wellness underway.
  • If your program is already on the party path but you need some new ideas, simply type key words like “healthy eating” or “physical activity at work” into The Sandbox’s search bar for some inspiration.

The Anticipation

Planning a party…er…we mean a workplace wellness initiative, is exciting! Whether you’re planning your first event or you’re an experienced workplace wellness champion, the excitement never really fades. Getting others excited about your initiative can be where the real challenge lies, so here are some resources to help you out:

The Event

This is what you’ve been waiting for! The days, weeks, months of planning have come together for this moment. When the big day or month-long initiative comes to an end, you may think your work is done. While you certainly need to take time to enjoy what you’ve built, be sure to keep your eye on the prize—a healthy, happy workplace. As you celebrate every step, it’s so important to enjoy the fruits of our labour and understand how it translates into motivation for the next phase of any project.

The Clean-Up

Ah, the part of every epic event that no one ever looks forward to. Just like a great party, wellness initiatives and events have some leg work to do after the fact—but this type of clean-up is good, we promise! Reflecting on your wellness activities is a great way to focus your efforts for your next initiative: what went well, what didn’t; what you learned; identifying where you can improve, etc. Check out The Benefits of Reflection blog for ideas on debriefing after a wellness initiative comes to a close.

While you’re enjoying your summer break, spend a moment or two thinking about ways you can treat your next workplace wellness initiative like the party of the century!

The Sandbox Staff

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