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Chillin’ Out, Maxin’, Relaxin’ All Cool

by The Sandbox Staff | July 27 2017

The summer tunes are on full blast and green river valleys, bicycles and BBQs are calling our names. Between hot days and long summer nights, we’re ready to literally abandon technology and hit the road for a good camping trip. There’s something to be said about unplugging, slowing things down and taking the time you need to rejuvenate!


Now that the workload has calmed down, take the “I don’t wanna work” mantra seriously and be intentional with your down time. Engaging in recovery not only improves productivity, it also enhances our overall health and quality of life.


Another great part about the slower summer months is the time to think about all the awesome things you accomplished throughout the year. Ever Active School’s Staff Wellness Stories are a great example of this. Can you think of any success stories like these in your workplace? Be sure to write them down and share with your team. Go ahead and revel in those good times!


As Jenn Flynn writes in her blog, be sure to cherish the slow times. If you still have to work during the summer months, don’t fret. Think of it as the ultimate prep time. Cleaning and de-cluttering your work space and team collaboration areas are good tasks to tackle. What help do you need to plan for the upcoming school year? What can you recycle or digitize? Think of the ways you can set your team up for optimal success in the year ahead and act on them while you have some time.

Remember, take the time to relax, recharge and reflect this summer. You and your team work hard all year and will be so very thankful that you took it easy once things start to ramp up again.

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