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Celebrating Simple

by Gillian Woroniuk ASEBP | April 28 2016

As a communications professional, measurement is a big deal—it also happens to be a really tough thing to quantify in this business. How do I know that a communications piece really connected or had the desired effect unless the resulting change is significant? And if the change wasn’t significant, does that mean it wasn’t effective at all?

For the most part, I am a very happy communications camper if there has been even a minute shift in behaviour because of my efforts—a noticeable shift earns celebratory high fives all around! The reality is that any change in attitudes or behaviours is a monumentally big deal—no matter the scope of the change. We are, all of us, beasts of habit and habits can be near impossible to break.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that small shifts in thought or behaviour—particularly around health and wellness—should be considered big (enormous) wins.

Keep it Real in the Goal Department

This is something that crops up in just about every area of our lives. Small changes are usually the ones that stick and, perhaps even more importantly, often the ones that grow into big changes. Remember this truth in your own wellness planning and you’ll set yourself—and your colleagues—up for success.

Here are just a few simple-but-still-awesome wellness goals or initiatives to inspire you:

  • Set up a walking club at lunch
  • Include a healthy recipe section in the school newsletter
  • Ask for five minutes at each staff meeting to talk about wellness
  • Host a book exchange
  • Establish an early morning stretching group
  • Host a water challenge to inspire colleagues to drink the proper amount of water each day

Celebrating the (Really Small) Successes

You got five colleagues walking regularly with you at lunch? Score! The book exchange had people sharing stories and connecting? High five! Your wellness update at the staff meeting made a few colleagues come to you for more information? Success! These are all amazing, tangible ways that prove you’re a bonafide wellness superhero—congratulations, it’s time to celebrate!

My daughter, who is six, asks unabashedly for high fives every time she’s accomplished something that she feels is worthy. Being six, that can be anything from snapping her fingers to “jumping higher than myself!” I always think of her high fives when I or my team have some little success at work. I won’t deny that it’s a rare day that I don’t shout out “SWEET” or “YAY” at least once during the course of the day. If others can see how much you value those small wellness wins, you will infect them with the same sense of accomplishment and drive to do more. Because, really, who doesn’t want the chance to celebrate!?!

Gillian Woroniuk

With countless years of communications experience under her belt, the self-titled 'G' used to be ASEBP’s very own super communicator. While she will certainly forget your name and is unable to get across a bridge without a panic attack, Gillian’s the one you want when you need someone to round out your punk rock air guitar band.