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Celebrating Our People

by The Sandbox Staff | June 20 2019

Alberta’s a province with breathtaking beauty—canola fields stretching endlessly under the prairie sky, sparkling lakes and rivers, snow-capped mountains and so much more. And it’s not just our landscape: this beauty’s only enhanced by the diversity of our people, including our vibrant LGBTQ+ communities and multicultural heritage. Since June marks both Pride Month and National Indigenous History Month (National Indigenous Peoples Day is tomorrow!), now’s the perfect time to promote and celebrate inclusive school communities.

The Sandbox is full of information that can help support diversity in your workplace—we’ve got you covered with everything from blogs to resources to events! Here are just a few examples to help you do just that:

  • Embrace diversity. The Alberta Human Rights Commission provides useful diversity resources to help you make your workplace the best of the best!
  • Use the power of sport. The Truth and Reconciliation report identifies sport and physical activity as areas of resilience that create a sense of belonging. Ever Active Schools worked with Treaty 7 communities to build capacity in these areas and shared their learnings in this blog.
  • Contribute to an accepting workplace. Bring your whole self to work—and encourage others to do the same! Page six of the Wellness Poster Series lists a variety of ways you can contribute to a sense of inclusion and belonging in your workplace.
  • Attend the Resiliency Summit. This November, you can attend an event that honours and empowers Indigenous youth and helps foster healthy, resilient school communities. Register today!

So, get out there and celebrate all the diversity in both your school community and province this month—and when June ends, just keep it going!

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