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Brighten up Blue Monday

by The Sandbox Staff | January 17 2019

January marks the beginning of a new year, which means new goals, new things to look forward to and also new challenges to overcome—the first possibly being right around the corner. This upcoming Monday may seem like your run-of-the-mill start to the week but many consider the third Monday of January to be the unofficial gloomiest day of the year, Blue Monday. We know Mondays can already be tough, so we’ve come up with a few ideas for you and your team to brighten up any day.

Add a Pop of Colour

Setting aside time for fun activities is an easy way to perk up a day! Take a page from Ever Active Schools’ Chesa Corsiatto and work towards building a positive social environment through a number of team appreciation activities. With activities such as the Paper Plate Awards, you can add a pop of colour to any day of the week and your workspace too!

Look at the Silver Lining

Opportunity can come in many forms and this Monday is definitely one of them. Whether you use this time to reach out or listen more attentively to your team or reassess and improve your workplace culture as a whole, this alleged ‘gloomiest day’ is a great reminder to support those around you.

Shine a Light on Mental Health

At the end of the day, Blue Monday is about mental health. Our workplaces are our homes away from home, so it’s important to create a culture of inclusion, trust and support. To help your co-workers feel psychologically supported, consider taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. As ASEBP’s Jocelyn Plakas-Lock learned while preparing to speak at the Conference Board of Canada’s Mentally Healthy Workplace workshop, “mental health in the workplace is really about moving beyond isolated programs so that it’s integrated with everything we do.”

While maintaining your mental health is about more than just one day or initiative, one day or one initiative can make a difference. Whether this blog inspires a big change or a little one, just remember that it doesn’t have to be so blue—in fact, it’s just a golden opportunity to make it a Bright Monday instead!

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