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Be a SMARTY Pants: Plan Your Way to Success

by Stéphanie Caron-Roy ASEBP | August 11 2016 | 2 Comments

With recent Sandblogs like Working on Wellness This Summer by Jenn Flynn and I Don’t Want to Work by Leanne Keyko, we’ve been reminded that summer is a great time to relax as well as set some personal wellness goals for the upcoming year. As Jenn mentioned in her blog, setting personal goals is a great opportunity to practice your wellness champion skills on friends and family so you’re ready to implement new ideas into the workplace for the fall. Wellness is a shared responsibility and goal setting with your team can help you and your colleagues understand the best path for your school, school jurisdiction or organization’s wellness goals and objectives. With a common understanding of final goals, everyone can get involved to achieve desired results!

The following outline for setting “SMARTY” goals can help you set up or support a goal setting session or workshop with your colleagues. To set goals that are linked to core values in your workplace, it’s important to consider your organizational vision and mission statements.

  • Specific. Generally, goals need to be specific because it can be difficult to determine when you’ve reached them if they are too broad. Think of a long-term goal as an umbrella. A five year goal might involve promoting positive mental health in the workplace. Under this umbrella, you could set short-term goals each year to achieve this long-term goal, like promoting physical activity, sharing healthy eating ideas, building healthy relationships, etc.
  • Measurable. This is where you and your group determine how you’ll know your goal has been reached. Ask yourselves what kind of information you will need to gather to ensure you meet your goal. Ways to measure whether you’ve reached your goal could be through satisfaction surveys, monitoring attendance rates, overall absenteeism rates, Employee Family Assistance Program usage—the list is endless!
  • Achievable. Whenever we set goals individually or with a group, it’s important to consider possible barriers and setbacks while also considering how best to approach and overcome them. If the goal does not seem achievable, you might need to make the goal more specific until the road to success becomes clear.
  • Relevant. Does your goal fit into the overall vision and mission of your workplace? Does it fit into your school, school jurisdiction or organization’s schedule? If the answer is yes, add it to your team’s plan. If it’s just a lofty idea, put it in the proverbial parking lot and save it for another brainstorm session.
  • Time-stamped. Set a timeline for your goals. A timeline can help you keep track of each goal and the steps you and your team need to take in order to reach it. Using the umbrella example above, you may want to consider setting both long-term and short-term goals.
  • You and group focused. What kind of supports do you have in place to hold each other accountable to this goal? How does your goal address your group’s needs? An example could be assessing your group’s stage of readiness. For this, you can use the Idea Readiness Tool to assess your group’s readiness to adopt an idea.

There is no cookie-cutter way to set goals for your team, whether they be short or long-term, but collaborating with one another using the SMARTY concept will ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and will help you and your team achieve success with the goals you set for the year ahead. Happy planning!

Stéphanie Caron-Roy

As a registered dietitian and a former ASEBP workplace wellness liaison, Stéphanie enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and believes healthy eating is all about balance. In fact, she’s as good on her feet as she is with her food. With her bilingual superpowers, Stéphanie’s favourite moniker, 'The Frenchie,' seems absolutely appropriate.

Megan H. ASEBP - | August 12 2016 10:19 AM

How "SMARTY" is this Stephanie??  Thanks for the reminder and awesome tips on creating goals for the greater vision.  I am going to start on mine for this upcoming school year right away.  

Stéphanie C. ASEBP - | August 16 2016 3:23 PM

Thanks for comment Megan! This outline is very helpful when planning during the school year. The SMARTY goal worksheet and the Idea Readiness Tool are both great resources to use during a workshop, meeting or session with co-workers.