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Baking a Culture Cake

by The Sandbox Staff | January 3 2019

Workplace culture is a bit like baking a cake (chocolate, angel food, carrot—take your pick!). You add elements like inclusiveness, tolerance and empowerment, ice it with a bit of fun, and—BAM!—the next thing you know your culture “cake” is being featured on the Food Network.

By using some of the following resources we’ve pulled together, you’ll be well on your way to mixing up an awesomely amazing workplace culture.

  • Building a great culture doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. The best employers out there often try out smaller activities and initiatives that are designed to simply help people connect and build human relationships at work.
  • A healthy school environment doesn’t only involve the people who work there. While they’re certainly a big part of it, the students, physical spaces in and around the school and even the support of the community at large all contribute to a great culture.
  • Support continual learning for the win! Employees who are encouraged to upgrade their skills and knowledge at work feel more valued and connected to their workplace. This study on Professional Learning in Canada (commissioned by Learning Forward) highlights what the learning landscape looks like in the education system across the country.
  • While not a fun topic, conflict in the workplace can negatively impact an otherwise positive workplace culture. If you have access to ASEBP’s Employee and Family Assistance Program, offered through Homewood Health, you’ll find specific supports for these situations via a number of different tools so your school community can focus on what it does best: being awesome.

With the right ingredients and intentions, anyone can make a difference in your workplace environment. And now that your mixing bowls are a little fuller, let’s get out there and start baking!

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