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An Infusion of Inclusion

by The Sandbox Staff | March 28 2019

Feeling included can have a positive effect on many of our Dimensions of Wellness—emotional, social and occupational, to name a few. As inclusion can affect our wellness in different ways, it’s good to know there are many options to infuse a little more of it into our workplaces. Read on to discover some awesome tips and resources to help you do just that!

  • Add a touch of culture. Your workplace is one of a kind! Keep that in mind as you check out Jenn Flynn’s blog about what happens when cultural connection meets workplace wellness—it might inspire some ideas for adding a unique cultural flare to your next wellness initiative.
  • Recognize different perspectives. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone sees things the same way you do. Lorna Muise’s blog is a great reminder to set our preconceived ideas aside and seek to understand others.
  • Make new connections. Taking time to get to know your colleagues is a fantastic way to make everyone feel welcome. Break out this new addition to our 10-Minute Wellness Activity Series at your next meeting—you’ll be surprised by how much you learn!
  • Prioritize change. When it comes to creating a more inclusive workplace, it’s all about making it a priority. This article from Harvard Business Review recounts one organization’s efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in their workplace—and all of their rewards.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration here to help your workplace amp up its ‘welcoming factor.’ Don’t forget to join the conversation and share your experiences with other wellness champions!

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