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A Wellness Mosaic

by The Sandbox Staff | November 29 2018

Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported, no matter your workplace. Building a strong workplace culture that’s inclusive of all staff, regardless of their abilities, culture, age, etc., is crucial to enabling a team to grow and thrive. In light of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations-declared Human Rights Day (December 10), we thought we’d share some of The Sandbox’s resources and blogs that touch on diversity, culture-building and inclusive work spaces to help you and your team really lead the way.

  • Learn new traditions. Jenn Flynn shared a great story of how one school tied their wellness initiatives into culture. Learn about how you can weave more wellness in your workplace.
  • Embrace everyone. LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces benefit all employees. Gain insight on workplace change and pick up tips on how to build inclusive work spaces for any environment.
  • Showcase values. Dr. Graham Lowe talked about how figuring out the dominant values and unwritten norms that guide everyday behaviour in a workplace can be like solving a puzzle; however, it provides the most solid foundation for building healthier and more productive workplaces.
  • Build your community. Dip into this forum post and think about ways to spark ideas for your workplace, then add to the conversation.
  • Expand your thinking. Open your mind to how incorporating diversity and inclusion in the workplace isn’t an end goal at all—it’s a journey

As we know through the Dimensions of Wellness, it takes many different facets to help us feel well-rounded, healthy and whole—even at work! We hope these ideas are helpful in celebrating diverse and inclusive environments, allowing all of your positive work values to shine through by creating a great workplace culture for everyone.

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