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A Threerrific Celebration

by The Sandbox Staff | October 4 2018

Can you believe The Sandbox has been around for three years already? It feels like just yesterday we were first dipping our toes in the sand. Since then, daily digging has become the norm! To celebrate the occasion, we thought it would be nice to switch gears from digging to share our top three insider’s tips (because hey, we’ve got three years’ worth) for celebrating.

Get the Party Started

Every good party starts with a plan! Whether you’re just starting a wellness initiative or celebrating the end of one, templates are the secret weapon for success. Even simple templates like calendars, mind maps or checklists can help you execute that next big idea.  

Extend the Invitation

Use your celebration as an opportunity to not only strengthen your team’s bond but also entice newcomers. Extending your invitation can make for a memorable event—and a powerful icebreaker, too—with an impact well beyond the celebration. Heck, you may even recruit a few new wellness champions.                  

Enjoy the Moment

With everything that goes into planning an initiative and then planning something to celebrate that initiative, it can be hard to be in the moment. Fortunately, practicing mindfulness is a great way to bring yourself back to the present. Set aside a few minutes before your event to get you and your team in the right mindset and share some of the mindfulness tips from this year’s Wellness Poster Series—many of which can even be used during the event.

Now that you and your team have all the tools needed for a successful celebration, the only thing left is to use them! And really, celebrating is just about having fun with those around you. So remember, just because you’re planning a party doesn’t mean you can’t party while you plan. Get your group together and get the fun started today!

The Sandbox Staff

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