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Those Who Team Together—Thrive Together

by Gillian Woroniuk ASEBP | May 30 2019 | 1 Comment

So I was watching the new LEGO movie with my daughter this weekend and I still (*STILL*) have the song stuck in my brain: Everything is awesome…everything is cool when you’re part of a team! Firstly, sorry—I just really wanted some company in my small piece of purgatory. Secondly (and here’s the silver lining), I couldn’t help but think, “Yes! Everything is pretty cool when you’re part…»

Find your Flock

by The Sandbox Staff | May 23 2019

A gaggle. A flock. A bushel. A throng. Whatever way you describe it, community always means something special. It’s the hub that connects your activity, and without helping hands, collaborative minds or willing participants, a community simply can’t flourish. So today, we tip our hats to you, dear wellness champions, for continuing to look out for all employees and all avenues for workplace wellness…»

Broaden the Focus: Social Connection and Workplace Wellness

by Patricia Tallon ASEBP | May 16 2019

When I prepare for any type of presentation, I tend to ask myself a LOT of questions and then look to find the answers. That was certainly true as I prepared to lead an activity on social connection in the workplace at the Spring 2019 College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) Conference in March. I asked myself things like “Why is social connection so important, beyond that it ‘feels good’?…»

Piloting a Successful Wellness Program

by The Sandbox Staff | May 9 2019

Here in The Sandbox, we spend a lot of time talking about getting your wellness program off the ground—because, let’s face it, that’s really when the bulk of the work takes place. But what if your program’s been flying high for a while now? Don’t worry—there are still plenty of resources available on The Sandbox that’ll help you and your team of wellness superheroes keep on soaring!…»

Psychological Injuries

by Leanne Companion ASEBP | May 2 2019

Most of us are familiar with workplace risks, especially in relation to physical dangers in certain industries such as construction, manufacturing and the oil and gas industry. But how many of you know about psychological hazards that may appear in any workplace and can include things like exposure to harassment and bullying, high workloads, violence in the workplace and changes in the organization?…»

Ready, Set, Ready?

by The Sandbox Staff | April 25 2019

A winning workplace wellness strategy is nothing without a willing workplace. To put it in non-tongue twister terms: in order for your initiative to be successful, you need to make sure your workplace is ready for it. Luckily, we’ve got three simple ways to make sure you’re not just ready to go, but ready to assess your readiness too! Ready. The first step in making sure your team is ready, is…»

Workplace Wellness—It All Adds Up

by Jocelyn Plakas-Lock ASEBP | April 18 2019

Lately, numbers have been on my mind. At work, I’m looking at budgets and performance indicators. In my personal life, it’s tax time, math homework and calculating exchange rates on a vacation. It seems only natural, in light of being knee deep in numbers, that we do the wellness math. Over the last few years there has been a trend in fitness metrics when it comes to our personal health. Our devices…»

Earth Day Work Day

by The Sandbox Staff | April 11 2019

Wait. What’s that strange feeling on your skin?? Is that…warmth? You’re not dreaming, my friend! The sun’s out and the weather is warming up. It’s been a long winter for many of us, and we’re all itching to get out and enjoy a bit more of nature. And what better way to celebrate and enjoy the great outdoors than to embrace Earth Day! It’s coming on April 22 and is a great tie-in with…»

Four Steps to School Employee Wellness Success

by Matthew Mitschke Alberta Health Services | April 4 2019

In January, educators, students, researchers and health promotion professionals descended upon Lake Louise to take part in the Shaping the Future conference. This annual pilgrimage is a rite of passage for many who seek to advance their knowledge, skills and networks around comprehensive school health. Together with my coworkers from the Alberta Health Services School Health & Wellness Promotion team…»

An Infusion of Inclusion

by The Sandbox Staff | March 28 2019

Feeling included can have a positive effect on many of our Dimensions of Wellness—emotional, social and occupational, to name a few. As inclusion can affect our wellness in different ways, it’s good to know there are many options to infuse a little more of it into our workplaces. Read on to discover some awesome tips and resources to help you do just that! Add a touch of culture. Your workplace…»