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A Field of Dreams

by Jennifer Carson ASEBP | April 7 2016 | 1 Comment

I’ve always enjoyed the sentiment in the film Field of Dreams. Ray Kinsella’s timeless mantra “If you build it, they will come” was burnished into the minds of a generation of moviegoers. As poor Ray was chastised for, building something and doing nothing more than hoping for traction is a foolhardy pursuit (unless of course you live in Hollywood). But dreams are, most often, what form the…»

Emotional Wellness: The Importance of Making Connections

by Barry Litun College of Alberta School Superintendents | March 31 2016 | 3 Comments

The College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) serves and supports education system leaders in public, separate, Francophone, charter and First Nations education authorities in the province. In order to best serve its members, CASS strives to provide information and support with respect to personal wellness. One specific aspect of wellness that is a topic of conversation in all walks of life…»

Golf Tips to Improve Your School Employee Wellness Game

by Matthew Mitschke Alberta Health Services | March 24 2016 | 1 Comment

You’d be surprised at how similar school employee wellness initiatives are to golf. As a recreational golfer, I enjoy many aspects of the sport—the fresh air, time with friends and the exercise and sunshine. I also know that golf is strategic, challenging and certainly frustrating. Like golf, promoting school employee wellness is enjoyable but also requires a well–planned strategy. It’s also…»

The More You Know

by Mike Sullivan Cubic Health | March 17 2016

I remember sitting in my first accounting class in grad school and being absolutely amazed by what you could do with numbers and how the story could change dramatically with very subtle changes. Instinctively it didn’t seem to make sense—aren’t numbers black and white? How can there be any grey in financial information? It turns out there is an enormous amount of grey, and not having all of…»

A Day to Remember

by Krista Sheehan ASEBP | March 10 2016

Magic really does exist! Over the years I have been fortunate to see both the ups and downs in the world of school health promotion. Yes, the downs can be discouraging, frustrating and leave us wanting to throw in the towel, but the ups remind us of the wonderful things that can be achieved through collaboration and perseverance. One of the many great aspects of my job, is the ability to be a catalyst—to…»

Spring is in the Air—and so is Nutrition Month!

by Stéphanie Caron-Roy ASEBP | March 3 2016 | 2 Comments

The birds are singing, the snow is melting and the sun is shining—spring is finally here! As I giddily flip through the recipes in my 2016 Milk Calendar (available every year on, I’m reminded how much spring brings out my inner foodie. The vibrant colours and smells in the air make me want to reach for the most colourful produce and spices, making food as enjoyable to make…»

Are you Taking the Right Medications?

by Melanie Fuller PCN Live Well | February 25 2016 | 2 Comments

Chances are you have seen your family doctor at some point in the past year and may have been prescribed a medication. Maybe you needed an antibiotic, pain relievers, blood pressure medication or just needed a renewal to your medications. Anything missing from that list? A Prescription to Move Do you think a prescription to move should be included as a common medical treatment? Do you consider physical…»

Ready for Take-off! Getting your Star-bright Ideas off the Ground

by Dr. Candace Nykiforuk University of Alberta | February 18 2016 | 1 Comment

Is it just me or does everyone get a bit misty-eyed watching a rocket launch? The collective feeling of optimism, pride and achievement at our scientific progress for mankind can be staggering. Feeling that your own work and ideas are being heard and implemented within a school community can feel just as good. But how do you get your own star-bright ideas off the ground? Whether you are as prepared…»

The New Resilience: What It Means for Leaders and Organizations

by Dr. Graham Lowe ASEBP Consultant | February 11 2016

Resilience is an old concept that is finding new resonance today. Decades ago, psychologists studied the sources of personal resilience among children who overcame significant disadvantages to succeed in school and life. This early research showed that resilience is an individual’s capacity to thrive despite adversity. Now, the concept of resilience is being applied to leaders and organizations.…»

A Matter of Balance

by Lorna Muise Alberta Health Services | February 4 2016 | 1 Comment

Recently the Alberta Health Services Zone 4 School Wellness Team hosted a conversation with wellness leaders (including district leaders, trustees, and wellness champions) to explore the ways in which we can create a culture of wellness in school jurisdictions. It was a wonderful, lively session and I was intrigued by the recommendations that the group had compiled by the end of our two-hour conversation.…»