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Ready, Set, GO

by Shandy McLean ASEBP | August 25 2016 | 1 Comment

Most school employees in Alberta are settling into their school workplaces, gearing up for another exciting school year. As workplace wellness champions, you have a unique opportunity to help your colleagues start the year on the right foot by creatively reminding them of the health and wellness resources they have at their fingertips.  An Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a great…»

A Motivating Factor

by Gillian Woroniuk ASEBP | August 18 2016

So much of what I do as a communicator comes down to motivating people. It’s by far the most challenging aspect of my job but also the one that I invest the most time to do right. Communications goals—much like workplace wellness goals—often involve encouraging audiences to take action, change their behaviour or think of something familiar in a new way. Simple, right? Of course it doesn’t…»

Be a SMARTY Pants: Plan Your Way to Success

by Stéphanie Caron-Roy ASEBP | August 11 2016 | 2 Comments

With recent Sandblogs like Working on Wellness This Summer by Jenn Flynn and I Don’t Want to Work by Leanne Keyko, we’ve been reminded that summer is a great time to relax as well as set some personal wellness goals for the upcoming year. As Jenn mentioned in her blog, setting personal goals is a great opportunity to practice your wellness champion skills on friends and family so you’re ready…»

Piecing Together the Workplace Puzzle

by The Sandbox Staff | August 4 2016

Your first day at a new school or first time working with a new team is always a little nerve-racking. You have to remember everyone’s names, take note of what they do and keep track of their amazing skill sets. Who do you go to when you have questions? When is it appropriate to collaborate with your new team on projects? How do you ask everyone for input and provide your own input without sounding…»

Shifting Workplace Culture

by Jocelyn Plakas-Lock ASEBP | July 28 2016

I recently read The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha and was struck by the unscientific—but highly effective—bench test. The bench test involves finding a place to sit in the middle of a place/group you think you want to be part of and observe. Listen to the people around you talking to each other, look at how they have structured their space. Within moments you’re either saying, “Yes!…»

I Don’t Want to Work

by Leanne Keyko ASEBP | July 21 2016 | 2 Comments

Yep, you read that right. I really did write a blog about not working but hear me out. Although I consider myself lucky to love what I do, I am ALL about downtime, rest and rejuvenation! When I come across an article that speaks to the importance of disengaging from work, I get pretty excited and now I want to share some of that excitement with you. You can access the full article here—which I highly…»

Making a Difference: Mental Health in the Workplace

by Mike Sullivan Cubic Health | July 14 2016

There has been a growing focus on mental health in the workplace in recent years. More and more, employers are implementing programs that train leaders in the workplace to recognize signs of stress, anxiety and depression in their team members. Supervisors are being trained to handle signs of mental distress in an appropriate and supportive manner with the aim to have the employee seek help from a…»

Working on Wellness This Summer

by Jenn Flynn APPLE Schools | July 7 2016 | 3 Comments

After a full week of summer—and school being out—I realized that I should set (and start acting on) my goals for summer wellness. I think the down time in summer offers us a great chance to map out a few attainable goals to keep health and well-being top of mind. This is also a great opportunity to practice your wellness champion skills on friends and family so that you’re ready to implement…»

Sick of work? Or is work making you sick? A Guide to Healthy Work Environments

by Dr. Candace Nykiforuk University of Alberta | June 30 2016

I’m no fortune teller, nor gambler, but if I had to make a bet I would guess that you are at work, reading this sitting down. A lot of us work in stationary settings and don’t even realize the negative impacts this can have on our physical, emotional and mental health. If I was a betting person, I would also say that by the end of the week (or day!) your back is sore, your eyes are strained and…»

Following the Flock: The Benefits of Participation

by Megan Hunter ASEBP | June 23 2016 | 2 Comments

I’ve been a health advisor with ASEBP for close to four years. During this time I’ve had a blast visiting with individuals in schools participating in wellness clinics and workshops across this wonderful province of ours. I learn something new every single time I deliver a clinic or workshop—that’s a lot of learnings over the course of four years! While I could regale you with the entirety…»