The Sandblog

Soar to New Heights

by Kelli Littlechilds ASEBP | August 30 2018

We often hear motivational cries—Cheers! or Bon Chance!—as we dig into a new school year. But with my good luck wishes to you all, I’d also like to take the opportunity to get us thinking like Eddie! No idea what I’m talking about? No worries—read on and learn how ‘being an Eddie’ can change the name of your wellness game! The Eddie I’m talking about is the iconic underdog, Eddie the…»

Swing for the Fences

by The Sandbox Staff | August 23 2018

Remember that iconic line from the oh-so-famous movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come?” That’s just how we all want to think about our strategic wellness planning as we kick off a new school year. We’re sure you’re all avidly working on goals and creative plans to kick-start the upcoming school year and we hope that the Dimensions of Wellness guide is wholeheartedly integrated…»

Finding the Power Within—Increasing Your Resilience

by Colleen Wright Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund | August 16 2018

We know that resilience is by no means a new term to educators in Alberta. In June 2018, over 70 per cent of districts reported to the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund (AHSWCF) that professional learning opportunities were focused on student resiliency. Considering the complexity of school systems, fostering a resilient school community involves more than just teaching resiliency to…»

It's Playtime!

by The Sandbox Staff | August 9 2018

It was recently brought to our attention that August 11 is…wait for it…National Play in the Sand Day. If this doesn’t suggest that the stars have aligned for us, I don’t know what will! Needless to say, here in The Sandbox, we know how important it is to play—either in the sand or doing whatever else brings you joy. To get you headed in the right direction, here are a few gems from our very…»

The Art of Culture Building

by Shandy McLean ASEBP | August 2 2018

What does it take to be an organization people seek out and choose to work for? This is something we take very seriously at ASEBP. As a benefits organization, we focus on supporting healthy employees and workplaces, not only for our covered members and employer groups, but for our own employees too. After all, if we have healthy, happy and productive employees, we are better positioned to provide…»

Sweet Summer Dreaming

by The Sandbox Staff | July 26 2018

You’re by a lake. Or is that a patio you’re on? No, you’re trekking to your favourite campsite, right?  Alright. We give up. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, we hope you’re spending these long summer days relaxing and unwinding after a busy school year. Isn’t that what the summer slow-down is all about? Championing workplace wellness can be a hectic gig, so the time you spend…»

Beyond Programs: Mentally Healthy Workplace Practices

by Jocelyn Plakas-Lock ASEBP | July 19 2018

I recently had the opportunity to speak on ASEBP’s approach to mental health in the workplace at the Conference Board of Canada’s Mentally Healthy Workplace workshop. While preparing for this talk, I realized that mental health in the workplace is really about moving beyond isolated programs so that it’s integrated with everything we do. Leading by Example For a workplace to be mentally healthy,…»

The Connecting Power of Food

by The Sandbox Staff | July 12 2018

School may officially be out for the summer but that doesn’t mean healthy eating and staying connected are as well! July and August are great opportunities to incorporate fresh, local ingredients—hello, farmers’ market season—and plan summer picnics or potlucks with your colleagues. One of food’s great powers is its ability to connect us through shared, nutritious meals. Build or strengthen…»

Work-Life Balance: Real or Fiction?

by Kylie McLean ASEBP | July 5 2018

At some point, we’ve all said it or heard it from others, “I need to improve my work-life balance.” The question on my mind is not how to achieve work-life balance, but rather, is work-life balance an achievable goal or a mythical fable, only dreamed about but never achieved? Work-life balance (WLB) is often spoken about as a coveted state of being—a dream of working adults that have both…»

Not Talking is Not Helping

by The Sandbox Staff | June 28 2018

Mental health has been in the media—news and social—a lot over the past month. It seems to be a hard topic to avoid lately but that’s a good thing. As we’re discovering, keeping quiet about mental health isn’t doing anyone any favours, so it’s time for these discussions to take centre stage. If you’re finding it difficult to broach the subject of mental health in your workplace—or…»