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New Year, New Strengths

by Megan Pharo ASEBP | January 7 2021

With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions, new goals and the feeling of a fresh start. For many of us, our New Year’s resolutions may consist of things like getting more sleep, eating healthier or working out more. While working on those biceps may be a great way to build your strength this year, building your strengths as a team may feel even better! I’m not talking about scheduling more…»

Weaving recognition into your wellness culture

by Anita Rao ASEBP | December 2 2020

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy The season of giving is almost upon us and perhaps the most meaningful gifts are the ones that can’t be bought. What gift is that you ask? A little recognition of course! Recognition is an aspect of workplace wellness that can sometimes fall…»

Know Your Risk, Prevent Diabetes

by Leta Philp Alberta Health Services – Diabetes, Obesity & Nutrition Strategic Clinical Network™ | November 20 2020

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. You might think that you’re not at risk, but one in three Canadians live with diabetes or prediabetes. The good news is there are things you can do to reduce your risk or improve your overall health if you are living with diabetes or prediabetes. Did you know?It is estimated over one million Albertans live with diabetes or prediabetes and some people may be…»

A Time to Remember

by Leslie Webb ASEBP | November 4 2020

In November, there is a calm in the air. The flurry of fall (and all those falling leaves), quickly followed by the excitement of Halloween often means that, by this time of year, we’re finding our rhythm and our autumn routines are starting to flow. It’s also the time of year we pause and remember the people who have sacrificed so much for us. We remember the fallen and those who have served…»

Your Mental Health Means the World

by The Sandbox Staff | October 15 2020

As we send virtual hugs through your device screens and tell you how very grateful we are for all of you wellness champions out there, in honour of World Mental Health Day (Oct 10), we’d like to share a hand-picked bushel of our favourite mental health resources and blogs, all Sandbox-approved, of course. Share them widely with your colleagues. Mental health is often compared to a basketball: when…»

Comfort in Connection

by Mary Jo Liew ASEBP | October 1 2020

These are the days of virtual conferences, but did yours ever come complete with a live DJ? I can officially cross that off my bucket list and I want to tell you all about it—the conference, not the DJ, that is. I recently had the opportunity to attend the RELIT conference with Dr. Jody Carrington and it did not disappoint. Dr. Jody Carrington, author of Kids These Days, ignited a fire for those…»

We Don’t Need Another Teaching Hero to Meet Vulnerable Student Needs

by Dr. Astrid Kendrick University of Calgary | September 18 2020

Imagine it: the solitary figure rising above the classroom of eager students lifting her powerful voice and fixing their complex and collective pain through one, effective lesson. The children cheer, the problem is solved, and the teacher saves the day. While stories of the singular, hero teacher make for great movie scripts, true change in schools arises from daily positive interaction between students…»

Together in Wellness

by Brendan Wohlers ASEBP | September 3 2020

There’s little doubt that things will not be the same this school year as they were prior to COVID -19. The structure of our lives has shifted—we drive less, are at home more and flock to outdoor recreation, and, with a return to school imminent, there’s more than a little worry in the air. In the news and from our friends we hear worries about how students, teachers, parents and other school…»

Returning to School During COVID-19

by Lisa Everitt Alberta Teachers' Association | August 20 2020

On March 15, 2020, Alberta joined other Canadian provinces and declared that, for all schools in Alberta, in-person classes would be cancelled until September because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This announcement was coupled with other measures, resulting in the closure of businesses, public spaces, libraries and gyms, to name a few. The purpose of this lockdown was to prevent illness and sometimes…»

Cultivating Curiosity Through Reflection

by Megan Pharo ASEBP | August 6 2020

As I’ve been chatting with school divisions over the past few months, reflection has been a common theme in our conversations. I’m seeing how powerful it is to take the time to reflect, whether that’s at an individual, school or even school division level. So what exactly does reflection mean? From my handy Google search, it’s defined as “serious thought and consideration.” If you ask…»