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No Mountain Too Tall

by The Sandbox Staff | September 12 2019

Who doesn’t love a little Dr. Seuss? Those rhythmic, off-beat pearls of wisdom and encouragement—who wouldn’t? With the start of another school year bringing a whole new set of workplace wellness goals and opportunities, we found just the quote if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration: “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” As…»

There’s No Place Like Home

by Kelli Littlechilds ASEBP | September 5 2019

“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.” If you’re feeling a little like Dorothy as you get your feet firmly planted on the ground of a new school year, you’re not alone. September means that a new routine, perhaps some new colleagues and a lot of new information is coming your way. But what I’d like to encourage you to do, just like Dorothy did, is to work alongside your colleagues…»

Say Hello to September

by The Sandbox Staff | August 29 2019

The month of September brings with it so many things—the Labour Day long weekend, back to school, the beginning of autumn and so much more! With September just around the corner, we thought now would be the perfect time to get you and your wellness committee prepped for this magnificent month. Let’s get to it! Get back to school. Shopping for school supplies isn’t the only way to get ready for…»

Post It for Wellness

by The Sandbox Staff | August 22 2019

Hunting for an easy-to-use template to help you promote your workplace wellness ideas and activities throughout the year? Look no further than the customizable Wellness Poster Series! We’ve created a new batch of customizable posters that touch on every dimension of wellness. They’re Microsoft Word files, which means that they’re easy to use no matter your skill level or operating system. Each…»

Wellness Round-up!

by The Sandbox Staff | August 15 2019

With so many resources and nuggets of information available on The Sandbox, we totally get how overwhelming this space can feel when you’re just starting out. But, if we’ve learned anything since launching this wellness treasure trove, it’s that learning from others is one of the best things you can do. So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular content from The Sandbox…»

Hatching a Wellness Plan

by Leslie Webb ASEBP | August 8 2019

I started working at ASEBP this past March and, as I heard from my new teammates about all the awesome wellness and comprehensive school health ideas shared at this year's Shaping the Future Conference, I also heard a lot about chickens. Yes, you read that right—chickens. I had to know, what do chickens have to do with health promotion and workplace wellness?!? My interest was certainly beaked…er…peaked.…»

Find Your Groove

by The Sandbox Staff | August 1 2019

Getting back into the groove of a regular routine after some time away (summer holidays, anyone?) can be an inspiring time to hit reset and create new, exhilarating goals. Creativity flourishes under a refreshed mind, after all. Fortunately for all of you well-rested wellness champs, The Sandbox is filled with uplifting ideas to keep you and your team’s psychological capital in tip top shape as…»

Building a Culture of Wellness, One Conversation at a Time

by Ashley Hughes ASEBP | July 25 2019

Did you know that we spend roughly 95 per cent of our waking lives in conversation either with others or within our own self-talk? For me, this little fact was eye-opening. I first heard it while attending a bootcamp last month, facilitated by Deborah Connors and based on the book, Conversations Worth Having: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement, by Jackie Stavros…»

Summer Daze

by The Sandbox Staff | July 18 2019

We can picture it now: you’re relaxing in a hammock with the help of your favourite summer jam. Whether you like to kick it old school with the Beach Boys or prefer some Top 40 summer ear candy, it’s allll good! As you’re relaxing, think back to all the awesome wellness planning and championing you did over the course of the school year. Maybe you rocked it out on Earth Day, or killed it during…»

Back to the Future

by Peggy Strass ASEBP | July 11 2019

Back in the fall, one of the employer groups I work with shared some tips on how to build wellness in their school community. I wanted to visit with them again to see where they were on their wellness journey and hear their hopes for the future. Spoiler alert: I was blown away with their responses to my questions! The purpose of meeting with them again so soon was twofold: first, to learn about their…»