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Being Well to Shape the Future

by Kayli McClelland Ever Active Schools | October 6 2021

Ever Active Schools’ Shaping the Future is an annual conference that brings together educators, health and wellness professionals and researchers. If you want to shape the future, you first have to set a course and invite others to join you on the journey. Recent years have highlighted a need for comprehensive wellness education to help children and youth experience a balanced sense of well-being.…»

Fuel Your Workday

by Janelle Williams Alberta Health Services | August 23 2021

By Jing Zeng and Janelle Williams, Dietetic Interns, Alberta Health Services For many of us, the thought of planning school-day lunches doesn’t ignite the same feelings of excitement as getting back into the classroom or seeing the smiles of students on the first day of class. But with September quickly approaching, we’ve got some quick and easy tips—based on the ‘4 Ps’—to help you ease…»

Oh No, Not Another Article on Self-Care!

by Brendan Wohlers ASEBP | June 25 2021

Earlier this spring, I chuckled while listening to an Alberta educator tell a group of colleagues during a presentation that the term “self-care” can feel like a curse word, especially if it’s used too much. She then showed us a comic of an educator struggling to swim (I interpreted this as drowning in work) while onlookers shouted from the shoreline, “Remember to practice self-care!” I…»

Implementing Guarding Minds @ Work at Foothills School Division

by Megan Pharo ASEBP | May 11 2021

One of the best parts of my job as an ASEBP Workplace Wellness Consultant (WWC) is working directly with school divisions and hearing about their efforts to support employee well-being. These days, supporting staff mental health and well-being is particularly important as we’re all feeling pandemic fatigue and strain from the continued uncertainty of this past year.For this post, I reached out to…»

Find and Seek: Three Strategies to Increase Resilience

by Irina Rigan ASEBP | April 30 2021

While education workers spend many hours planning lessons and supporting students and families in other ways, they may find it hard to spend the same amount of time on their own well-being. Here are three easy things we can all do to improve our mental health and increase our resilience when the going gets tough. Find your core value(s) and seek ways to live themWhen yet another bill pops up in my…»

Stepping Back to Move Forward

by Leslie Webb ASEBP | April 7 2021

Have you ever experienced an event or conversation that rubs you the wrong way?But it isn’t the event or conversation itself that bothers you. What irritates you is your hasty reaction, which doesn’t seem appropriate for the given situation. You don’t know why, but you do know that something has irked you and you’re not okay with how you’ve responded.I know this has happened to me! And when…»

Pandemic Teaching is More Than Keeping Your Head Above the Muddy Waters

by Dr. Astrid Kendrick University of Calgary | March 17 2021

Since January 2020, I’ve been studying the lived experience of educational workers with emotional labour, compassion fatigue and stress, and burnout. As part of this work, I’ve been reviewing survey data and interview transcripts from earlier this year which prompted me to reflect on an experience I had nearly twenty years ago, in 2003.At that time, I taught at Enviros Base Camp, a residential…»

Sowing Seeds of Self-Compassion

by Mary Jo Liew ASEBP | March 5 2021

“Be kind to others, so that you may learn the secret art of being kind to yourself."--Paramahansa Yogananda This month marks one-year since the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to hit pause on ‘normal life.’I will never take for granted socializing with family and friends, face-to-face meetings, the ability to gather in large crowds, travel to new places, or go to the grocery store without coming…»

Be Your Own Valentine

by Carol Kuzio Alberta Health Services | February 17 2021

By Carol Kuzio and Leta Philp, Alberta Health Services The body achieves what the mind believes - Napoleon Hill February is the month of love. It’s the time where we do that extra special something to show our loved ones what they mean to us. But often, we forget to show the same care and attention to the most important person in our life: our self. Self-care is a term you may have heard a lot lately.…»

Reach Out to Build Better Mental Health

by Brendan Wohlers ASEBP | February 4 2021

It’s no secret that the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are influencing our well-being. In our homes, communities and workspaces, everyone seems to be talking about how change is the one constant amid all the uncertainty of the last year. In fact, as you’re reading this, I’m sure that a personal example popped into your head—including what actions or individual(s) helped you address or work…»