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Resolving to Reflect This New Year

by Genevieve Montemurro University of Alberta SIRCLE Lab | January 16 2020

For many people, New Year’s resolutions are an annual tradition. After holiday celebrations and some much-needed down time, many of us turn to the new year as an opening for growth and self-improvement. Usually, we know the areas where change is needed, but sometimes asking hard questions helps us identify those areas we just can’t see. And while we all know that setting goals for personal wellness…»

Taking it to the Top (of 2019)

by The Sandbox Staff | December 19 2019

During the last few weeks of December, it’s only natural to start reflecting on the year that was. It’s also prime time for annual ‘Top 10’ lists—recalling everything from top songs of the year to top news stories. So, we figured we’d join the trend and tackle The Sandbox’s top workplace wellness topics of 2019! What are they, you ask? Drum roll, please… Top Blogs Those Who Team Together—Thrive…»

Staff Wellness in Complex Times

by Lorna Muise Alberta Health Services | December 12 2019

Connection really does go a long way. Did you know that school culture improves when staff members are cohesive and collaborative? Employees are more effective when they’re part of a team that’s connected and strong. With so many uncertainties and changes looming over us, we need to double down our efforts to ensure that we—and those around us—stay well. With this in mind, I’m inspired by…»

Sleigh Wellness this Holiday Season

by The Sandbox Staff | December 5 2019

The holiday season is upon us, which usually means lots of celebrations! While workplace wellness may not be top of mind this time of year, we encourage you to keep it present (see what we did there?) in the minds of your workplace family. After all, keeping well will help everyone enjoy all those celebrations to the fullest! Here are some ideas to keep things healthy, happy and festive in your workplace…»

No Fancy Gear Necessary—Get Movin’ all Winter Long

by The Sandbox Staff | November 28 2019

We know, the thought of getting physically active outside in the winter months may sound like a stretch for some; however, hear us out! In order to make sure you feel ready to invigorate your teammates to embrace winter activity, we thought we’d share a few warm, fuzzy tips to help weave physical activity into your wellness plans this season. Improve your game. Did you know that sport and physical…»

Creating a Change to Bolster Well-Being and Productivity

by Victoria Grainger Wellness Works Canada | November 21 2019

We all want to be healthy and productive. Right? Well, maybe some of us enjoy being healthy more than being productive. But if you’re keen on supporting well-being at work, then it might be helpful to understand the profound impact well-being has on productivity for you individually, and for your workplace. Understanding this relationship might make you, and everyone you work with, start to create…»

The Tip of the Iceberg: Systems Thinking

by Megan Pharo ASEBP | November 14 2019

It’s been 22 years since the classic movie, Titanic, was released. I used to watch it back when it was split onto two different VHS tapes—yes…I said VHS! I enjoyed watching the first half of teenage heart-throb, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet’s romantic tale, but I’d avoid the second half of the disaster story when the Titanic struck the iceberg that ultimately sank the ship. Icebergs…»

Don’t Wait, use all Eight

by The Sandbox Staff | November 7 2019

With eight dimensions of wellness, it’s easy to pick your favourites and run with them. (Don’t worry, we’re guilty of this too!) Since each dimension is equally as important as the next, maybe spend some time focusing on ones you may have overlooked in the past and incorporate them into your existing wellness initiatives. Environmental Wellness Are you and your team in the planning stages? Take…»

It’s All Connected

by Leanne Keyko ASEBP | October 31 2019

As some of you may know, over the past year, ASEBP worked in partnership with Alberta Blue Cross on their first-ever Wellness Summit. I’m grateful I was part of the team that created such an incredible event because seeing it come to life was truly a career highlight. The intention behind The Wellness Summit was to create a space for people passionate about healthy workplace culture to connect—more…»

Let’s ‘Fall’ into Wellness

by The Sandbox Staff | October 24 2019

Thanksgiving’s already under our belts (literally), Halloween’s creeping up and the mercury's starting to plunge. We all know what that means—cocooning season is upon us! While it’s tempting to eat comfort foods (pumpkin EVERYTHING!) and adopt a cold-weather attitude of solitude and hunkering down, it doesn’t have to be that way. Keeping things upbeat and social at work can be a great way…»