The Sandbox: Origins

The origin story of The Sandbox is actually quite simple. After hearing scattered stories from wellness champions in Alberta's public education sector of the need and desire to collaborate but without the means to do so, the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) and their provincial partners set out to fill that need.

That’s the VERY short version. Oh, you’re a detail person? Keep reading to get what you need.

Collaborating with Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund, APPLE Schools, Be Fit For Life Network and Ever Active Schools, ASEBP set out to develop a site that would connect and support wellness champions across the province.

Identified wellness champions were surveyed to assess their specific needs and preferences. The results of this survey and ASEBP’s SCHOOL formula (click the pink button for more on that) formed the basic structure of the site, giving champions the ability to quickly and easily collaborate with like-minded individuals, have single-source access to wellness resources, get inspired by shared stories and have a space to hear about wellness events in their area.

In the end, The Sandbox stands out as the comprehensive support system for workplace wellness champions in the public education sector in Alberta.

We know we can learn more from one another than on our own—not to mention that it’s more fun learning as a group! And since there’s room in The Sandbox for everyone, there’s no better place to connect, learn and share.

Be a superhero of workplace health and dig in The Sandbox today!

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